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A commercial refrigeration system can play a vital role in any professional kitchen, not only will it keep food fresh and help it last longer, it will also help ensure that food is kept safe whilst in storage.

A fridge is essentially an insulated cabinet with an electric pump or a compressor which moves a refrigerant liquid around the cooling bars located in domestic and commercial refrigeration systems. When the door is opened, cold air falls out to be replaced by warm air, triggering the pump to circulate the liquid to cool down the internal temperature and keep the food safe.

Why professional kitchens need to go commercial

Domestic and commercial refrigeration can often look similar, but there are key differences between them. With a domestic unit the power of the compressor is designed for the door to be opened a few times during a day, therefore a quiet modestly-powered compressor is suitable to cope with any loss of cold air. The construction of both the cabinet and motor in a domestic refrigeration system is only robust enough for light home use, and used in a busy commercial environment pose a food safety hazard as well as needing replacing far more often than commercial refrigeration units.

A professional busy working kitchen is generally far hotter than a home kitchen and a catering refrigeration system door is likely to be opened far more frequently requiring a regular flow of warm air to be cooled. A refrigeration system with commercial specifications is designed for use in these environments and will have a compressor powerful enough to rapidly pull down the internal temperature.

Commonly commercial fridges incorporate fans internally which help evenly spread cold air throughout the cabinet, a feature home fridges do not have. A commercial catering refrigeration system is better insulated than a home unit and some have the ability to electronically record temperatures which can be used as proof of due diligence in food safety procedures should a food poisoning claim be made.

Stainless steel for excellent durability

Catering refrigeration is generally constructed of a stainless steel exterior which makes them hard wearing and very easy to keep clean and hygienic. Commercial refrigeration constructed of stainless steel is more expensive to purchase than a commercial refrigerator made of PVC, although the long term benefits of a stainless steel construction improve the overall cost effectiveness.

Green and clean commercial refrigeration

At Bidfood we offer a range of catering refrigeration systems that are environmentally friendly and comply with current Carbon Trust standards. A commercial refrigeration system that is green and environment friendly generally has better insulation with some using environmentally friendly gasses as part of the cabinet insulation, as a result the fridges and freezers perform better using less energy than a conventional fridge or freezer.

Catering refrigeration is available in many forms, from freestanding fridges and freezers made of stainless steel to units that are designed to be built into a specific kitchen area to create walk in fridges or cold rooms.

To speak to a Bidfood Catering Equipment sales member or to request more information about a commercial refrigeration system please call 0370 3663 960.