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Churchill Vintage Prints Prague Victorian Calico Plate

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Our Vintage Prints Collection include a medley of Calico, Rose Chintz, Toile and Victorian Lace pieces, taken from traditional print in our archives. Perfect as sharing platters or to add charm to key signature dishes, the pieces can be mixed and matched so every selection is unique. The Churchill Super Vitrified body is one of the strongest in the world, delivering presentation that lasts. This collection offers solutions for chefs that work in fast moving, professionally disciplined back of house environments. Refined thinner profiles with a defined rim edge dramatically reduce the weight of each item. Easy to handle and applies to items on a profile body. Super Vitrified is a vitreous body that does not absorb moisture, is more hygienic and has better heat retention properties. Its high resistance to thermal shock helps to reduce breakages. Its properties provide superior strength.
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